JH3030 ESD Aluminum Foil Film Composite Bubble Bag

>>> Anti-static aluminum foil film composite bubble bag also known as anti-static plating aluminum film composite bubble bag anti-static moisture-proof bubble bag anti-static composite bubble bag.
●The outer layer is silver anti-static plating aluminum film, the surface resistivity of 3 to 5 power , can print various patterns, characters and trademarks according to customer requirements;
●The inner layer is an anti-static pink bubble film with surface resistivity of 8 to 11 power, which has the function of buffering and anti-shock, preventing articles from being damaged due to pressure, collision, drop and friction and static electricity during transportation and transportation.
●No adhesive is used between the materials of each layer, which is completely environmental-friendly, non-toxic and harmless.
●Envelope self-adhesive tape or magic sticker design, safe and convenient;


Suitable for packaging and protection of electronic components, integrated circuit boards, PC boards, precision instruments and other electrostatically sensitive and shock-proof products.

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