JH3020 Aluminum Film Composite Bubble Bag

>>> Aluminum film composite bubble bag also known as color aluminum film composite bubble bag, aluminum foil film composite bubble bag, composite anti-shock bubble bag anti-damp anti-shock envelope.
●The outer layer is aluminized film, the colors are red, yellow, green, blue, silver and so on, the surface is flat and smooth, can print various patterns, characters and trademarks according to customer requirements;
●Lined with composite bubble film, it has the function of buffering and anti-shock, preventing the articles from being damaged by pressure, collision and falling in the process of transportation.
●No adhesive is used between the materials of each layer, which is completely environmental-friendly, non-toxic and harmless.
●Envelope self-adhesive tape or magic sticker design, safe and convenient;


Suitable for mailing optical discs, magnetic tapes, electronic components, integrated circuit boards, optical lenses, books, certificates, photo frames, gifts, clocks and watches … And so on.

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