JH800S Conductive Silver Film

>>>>Conductive silver film, also known as silver-coated conductive film, high-conductivity silver film for physiotherapy electrode, etc., is a layer of high-purity silver oxide plating on the surface of PU-based carbon film, thereby reducing the surface resistance of the overall material.This plating process successfully solves the problems of the traditional screen printing process such as joints, uneven thickness, high cost, low output, etc., which brings the possibility of large-scale application of conductive silver film.This conductive silver film has a high conductivity and inherits the soft and compliant performance of the PU-based carbon film. After being processed into physiotherapy electrodes and electric heating products, it has higher power. At the same time, the silver ion on the membrane also has the functions of physiotherapy, sterilization and antibacterial. It is a new and practical highly conductive material.


> Applied to various types of high-power beauty, health care and other physiotherapy electrode products.
> Used in all kinds of medical electrode products for examination, treatment and monitoring.
> Applied to various types of electrical shielding products such as electrical appliances, cables, aerospace, petrochemicals, etc.
> Used in chip electrodes, pressure-sensitive circuits and various flexible corrosion-resistant electrode products.
> Applied to various low-temperature electric heating products such as surface heating, heat preservation, heating and defogging.
The Main Technical Parameters Are As Follows
Conventional square resistance : 0.02~5 Ω-cm/£
Thickness : 50~55μm
Width : 5~1000mm
Unlimited length
Normal use temperature : -20~150℃
Extreme temperature resistance : -60~180℃
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