The WAFER PAD A waf pad is also called an anti-static accumulation pap, a silicon wafer paper, a buffer pad in a semiconductor waf box, A solar wafer buffer pad, a semiconductor wafer box inner pad, a PCB buffer pad, a conductive spacer, a black wafer spacer, an anti-static wafer spacer, a conductive wafer spacer, a circular wafer spacer, a wafer square, and the surface treatment process thereof is also called an anti-static black embossed wafer pad, an embossed wafer square, and the like.

This product is made of permanent conductive or anti-static film through hot-pressing, die-cutting. Film surface can be made smooth, can also be made according to the requirements of a variety of patterns. The product can be made into any size and shape according to the requirements, and the finished product has excellent dimensional stability, clean appearance, no powder falling and no dust. Protruding patterned wafer pads can not only effectively prevent the product from electrostatic damage, but also play a certain role in cushioning.


Such products are widely used in chip manufacturing, packaging and other enterprises TFT-LCD, solar cell wafer, wafer, solar silicon wafer packaging of multi-monocrystalline silicon wafer.

The Main Technical Parameters Are As Follows
Surface resistance value :103~1011Ω
Minimum Length and Width Tolerance :≤±0.5mm
Width :25-400μm
Electrostatic discharge time :<1.0secease ask the sales advisor or go to the official website to download
For more parameter information, pl


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