JH5062A Drum Core Packaging Film

OPC drum core packaging film, also known as black conductive PE sheet, OPC drum core protective film, is used for the drum core packaging of OPC (OPC = organic photoconductor drum) from various manufacturers. According to the custom of users, this kind of film is also called selenium drum anti-fouling paper, charging stick anti-fouling paper, original selenium drum packaging, charging drum anti-fouling film, and associating drum core packaging film and so on.


Black conductive coil film of that specification belong to a carbon-based conductive coil film, the conductive performance (or anti-static performance) does not change with temperature and humidity, is permanently conductive (or anti-static), has no precipitate, and is generally 0.05 mm to 0.1 mm in thickness, and has a tolerance of less than 1 mm in length and width. The film is flat without wrinkles, surface matte without particle without crystal point phenomenon, can well protect the drum core from electrostatic damage, and will not scratch the outer surface of the OPC drum core.

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