JH-2040 ESD PE Bag

Anti-static PE bag is also called anti-static PE bag, anti-static PE bag, PE bag and so on.
Anti-static PE bag is made of blown film of polyethylene material added with anti-static masterbatch. It can be made into various colors according to different color masterbatch. At present, the common colors in the market are green, blue, yellow, pink, etc. In addition, it can be made into various colors such as white, black, gray, purple, orange, etc. according to the requirements of customers.
Product features: Good transparency, low cost, anti-static performance is basically stable.


The Main Technical Parameters Are As Follows
Conventional thickness :2μm~200μm
Surface resistance :108~1011Ω
 Bag style : Flat pocket type, self-sealing type (compact bag/zipper bag), envelope type, envelope self-adhesive type, one-piece type, three-dimensional type, etc., the bag body pattern can be printed according to customer requirements.
Purpose of the product : Applicable to the packaging of general electronic products and articles.
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