JH5065 ESD Protective Tape

Anti-static protective tape is also known as PE black conductive tape, black conductive roll film, roll spacer protective film, black conductive coil film tape, strip chip card separator diaphragm and so on.
This product is made of our exclusive formulation of black conductive polyethylene material, with good electrostatic discharge performance and mechanical properties, tightly wound with the protected product, no matter how long it is placed, it will not drop powder and dust, and will not form macula or other impurities on the surface of the product.


Such products are widely used in strip chip packaging enterprises, as well as the use of such chips to make bank cards, mobile phone communications SIM card factory.


Existing Common Specifications : 
1. W35mm*T90μm*L400m
2. W35mm*T90μm*L200m
3. W35mm*T75μm*L500m
4. W35mm*T75μm*L200m
5. W35mm*T50μm*L500m


The Main Technical Parameters Are As Follows
Surface resistance value :103~106Ω
Width :12~72mm
Length :200~500m/Roll
Thickness :50~100μm
 Electrostatic discharge time :<1.0sec

●For more parameter information, please ask the sales advisor or go to the official website to download.

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