JH-2030 ESD Grid Bag

Anti-static grid bag is also known as conductive grid bag, anti-static grid bag, conductive grid bag, PE printing grid bag and so on.
We have 1 set of large-scale machine professional production grid printing bags, high quality and low price.

Appearance of product : Print black mesh on transparent surface.
Product features : With anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference, two major functions, the bag itself is anti-static PE material, the outer layer of conductive ink, surface resistivity stable, solid seal, with good anti-static performance.


The Main Technical Parameters Are As Follows
Conventional thickness :2μm~200μm
Surface resistance :108~1011Ω
Bag style : Flat pocket type, self-sealing type (compact bag/zipper bag), envelope type, envelope self-adhesive type, one-piece type, three-dimensional type, etc., the bag body pattern can be printed according to customer requirements.
Purpose of the product : Mainly used for PC board, computer motherboard, communication products packaging.
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