JH5064 Conductive Strip

The Conductive strips are also called anti-static strips, conductive strips, conductive PE strips and black conductive strips, which are made of black conductive polyethylene roll films and mainly used to purify the bottom of non-woven cloth shoe covers in dust-free rooms of workshops. When used, the conductive strips are plugged into user socks, the conductive strips contact the skin, and the skin of the user electrostatically enters the ground, thereby achieving the anti-static effect. In addition, the conductive strip is also used for the insole bottom of the anti-static dust-free work shoes, connecting the insole pad and the anti-static sole, so as to achieve the best static discharge effect of the work shoes.


The Main Technical Parameters Are As Follows
Surface resistance value :103~106Ω
Width :5~35mm
Length :600~2000mm
Thickness :50~100μm
Electrostatic discharge time :<1.0sec
For more parameter information, please ask the sales advisor or go to the official website to download.
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